5.4.1 Hotfix Released

The 5.4.1 Hotfix is now live with a handful of key fixes for 5.4!

Please feel free to share feedback and discuss the current version in the release topic—Unreal Engine 5.4 Released.

If you experience a bug with the 5.4.1 Hotfix, please follow the How to Report a Bug guide to report it on the Bug Submission Form .

Issue Summary
UE-213361 The first frame is not automatically played when a recording is loaded
UE-213190 Crashing on trying to render sequence
UE-213137 UBT does not error when compiling targets with a banned MSVC version , need to expand Ban Range
UE-213059 Fatal error during cooking - [X] was an archetype of FooComponent [Y] but returned a null index mapping object
UE-212795 Crash when creating a new media plate
UE-212785 Actor Coloration state is persistent between editor runs.
UE-212439 Disable TObjectPtr placeholder type flag checks in editor runtime
UE-212069 Modular Rig - Severe slowness
UE-212055 Crash closing persona with cloth paint active
UE-211808 Packaging with Editor Default Configuration always defaults to initial value when editor started
UE-211555 Light Intensity keyframes get removed when converting from Spawnable to Possessable in Sequencer
UE-211170 GitHub 11703 : Fixed the reference of Entitlement
UE-211144 Recording time counter, counts faster each time a new recording is started
UE-210257 Build fails when Verifying that the entire VisualStudio solution can be built in an Installed Build workspace. error CS0103: The name ‘Catch2’ does not exist in the current context