5.3.2 Hotfix Released

The 5.3.2 Hotfix is now live—including over 40 fixes for Unreal Engine 5.3.

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If you experience a bug with the 5.3.2 Hotfix, please follow the How to Report a Bug guide to report it on the Bug Submission Form .

Issue Summary
UE-199381 RDGBuilder Destructor Crash
UE-199125 GitHub 10785 : Fix instanced stereo rendering bug where only meshes visible in primary views were drawn
UE-198825 Tonemapping LUTs not getting invalidated when switching between PS and CS post processing methods
UE-198625 Editor iOS rotation specifiers are not followed (especially Portrait)
UE-198617 Crash Report doesn’t show up after crash
UE-198599 Latency reported by DDC is incorrect
UE-198530 UV Editor distortion visualization color shading not appearing
UE-198494 Landscape layers ending with _0, _1, etc. don’t work
UE-198397 Multi-process cooking does not complete in UE5.3.0
UE-198396 Cannot key font material for UMG Widget animations
UE-198262 Actors created with datasmith do not replicate
UE-198204 Dataflow - Crash when duplicating a Dataflow node that contains a UObjectPtr
UE-198112 Engine NetCL was updated from FN Release process when it should have remained 0
UE-198105 Destroying a kinematic body can leaving physics objects floating in the air
UE-198052 ICVFX Template project will not compile with Visual Studio 2022
UE-198037 GPULM does not work when r.ShaderCompiler.JobCache=0
UE-197956 [CrashReport]UnrealEditor-Core!FTextLocalizationManager::DirtyTextRevision() [TextLocalizationManager.cpp:1622]
UE-197938 Deadlock in zenloader at runtime on some platforms
UE-197936 Editor crashes when using a DDC configuration from before 5.0
UE-197733 GrantedAbilities Array is not copied during FActiveGameplayEffect assignment/copy operations
UE-197720 Incorrect motion blur for Nanite objects without WPO when r.Nanite.ParallelBasePassBuild=0
UE-197706 Metahumans fails to package for windows with an assert
UE-197694 GameplayEffect GrantedAbilities to GEComponent conversion is not correct
UE-197669 Switching graphs with a non-POD parameters crashes
UE-197640 Upgrade libcurl to 8.4
UE-197594 Engine crashes when oping Rivermax media source fails
UE-197586 Non-Instant Gameplay Cue Notifies Will Get Two OnActive Calls When Applied from Gameplay Effects
UE-197584 [MetaSound][ADSR Node] - If Release Time is not triggered on a multiple of 0.1, zeros are added to the envelope before release
UE-197583 GAS: GameplayEffects component tag containers don’t inherit properly
UE-197579 Blueprint Enhanced Input Nodes are not loaded on C++ projects
UE-197465 Fixes for Modern XCode
UE-196159 Packaged Lyra crashes while starting up Elimination match
UE-195485 Log lines are being duplicated on linux
UE-195439 Quixel Bridge opens as a blank window when opening through the UE Main toolbar on Intel Mac
UE-195220 Cloth Asset - Crash in FSkeletalMeshRenderData::Cache() (Assertion failed: LODInfo) when reloading or deleting an empty ClothAsset
UE-193921 Adding multiple cameras break 2110 streams
UE-193840 Virtual Camera Pixel Streaming experiences freezing on WiFi to iPadOS devices
UE-193835 Virtual Camera Pixel Streaming Experiences Intermittent Severe Latency
UE-193435 Materials in scene change when swapping between skylight mobility
UE-192822 Launch on fails with ERROR: 0> Unexpected Exception: System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (10053): An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.