5.2 Usage of 'GetSupportedClass' has been deprecated.

Hey guys.I am recently updating my movie project from 5.1 to 5.2.Then some BP scipts seem to be wrong.The whole message is like this:

Get Supported Class : Usage of ‘GetSupportedClass’ has been deprecated. If you were just returning a single class add it to the SupportedClasses array (you can find it listed in the Class Defaults). If you were doing complex logic to simulate having multiple classes act as filters, add them to the SupportedClasses array. If you were doing ‘other’ logic, you’ll need to do that upon action execution.

Any ideas?Those BP scipts are from UE marketplace.Too complex that i cannot follow the advice to solve it.

Thanks a lot.

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You need to add supported classes with the latest method, not with the deprecated overridden GetSupportedClass method.

Here is the solution:
First of all, your log will tell you which class reported the error. You need to find the blueprint file, as shown in the underlined part in the figure.

Open it and enter the blueprint editor, and you will see a yellow warning icon under the GetSupportedClass component. This is where the problem occurs.

all you need to do is

  1. Find ClassDefaults above the blueprint editor, click on it,
  2. Add the classes you need to support to this list,
  3. The specific support class to be added is the class in the return value of GetSupportedClass
    I marked the exact location on the way
  4. Delete the GetSupportedClass function that reported the error

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