5-1 UE5.1 main. WP issue, can't no longer "Always loaded" , "OpenLevel bug"

[5.1] has changed a lot, I used before WP and I use “always loaded” for my playerstart because my code will not start if my player is not loaded first. It was also possible to always load parts of the WP proxy.

Looks like this feature is no longer available? Is there a workaround by BP to make it work?

I also notice a bug, I have three level,

fist level is an ordinary level “not WP”
the second level is my main map in WP
the third level is a basement level “not WP”

if I load my main WP map with my first level then everything works, if I open a level from the main WP map then it’s work too … then from the third level if I Openlevel the main WP map back, the map does not load. I saw all my meshs, buildings but the map is not loaded. Any idea? or fix ?

I know this is an early version with a lot of bugs, I would like to know if anyone had the same problem as me and if there is a solution.