5.1 Lag for unknow reason

Hi there. I have been using unreal engine 5.1 for the last week now. It was all working fine until today when it suddenly started running really slowly. Even the project selection window is running incredibly slowly. I have the most up to date drivers for my nvidia 3070ti, 32gb of Ram and and Ryzen 7 6800h. I don’t understand why I’m having this problem and nothing changes even when i run a project on the lowest possible settings.

Hey there @ComicBookGuy544! Welcome to the community! So even the project selection window is having issues? This could be that the shaders compiled for engine itself, but that should have manifested on original installation not after some use.

Is the engine installed on an external hard-drive?

What are your resources (RAM, CPU, GPU) looking like while this happens?

Enable stats in engine and see if it can detect the frame drops, if it can’t it might be environmental.

This persists with even new projects correct?

Hi. Unreal is installed on my C drive.
Ram usage tyically sits around 30%
CPU is all over the place, sometimes its at 90%+ and others its around 10%
GPU usage I’m not sure about.
FPS never goes higher than 5 fps but normal sits at 1 or 2

This persists even with new projects and only started yesterday after I updated my Nvidia drivers.

I’m thinking that’s the most important part here, could be that a driver may have corrupted during that installation. First we’ll do the usual of resetting the graphics drivers settings in the Nvidia control panel.

Then if that doesn’t work, reinstalling rolling back to the previous driver version would be the next step.

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