5.1 Download crazy slow

5.1 download speed using launcher is crazy slow for me. (Like 1 mb/s)

(I am on fiber, I can download other stuff very fast)

It’s throttled. But about 2-3mbs would be normal.

Considering the throttling and huge numbers who’ll be currently downloading the Preview version then I’m not surprised the download speeds are currently slowed-up greatly than usual so… try it in a months time and I’m sure the speeds will be back to normal.

Downloading this today to try to experiment with some VR/Lumen improvements in 5.1 and yeah…My 800 Mb/s connection has taken at least an hour to download 13GB of 21GB. This is silly. Throttling to 2-3MB/s does not encourage people to try a preview version. :slight_smile: Maybe you guys need to start throwing a Torrent out there or something to let us all help distribute these builds?

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I started out with 2-3MB/s, but after a few minutes it dropped to 150KB/s. What happened?
Downloading for a few hours progress only up 1%.

What happened? Just the obvious, that there are many many people wanting to and downloading the UE5 preview version all at the same time… give it a week or so and download speeds will be back to normal no doubt.

But I do understand your frustration and I’m surprised a company with Epic’s resources hasn’t arrange redundant bandwidths to cope with surges in demand… pretty easy to setup these days.

Like 1-2 Mbps at best. Meanwhile Speedtest gives me 198…