(5-0EA) PIE error when opening level twice

Hi there!
When I open another level during PIE with the “Open Level (by Object Reference” node and switch back to the first one I get following error:
“PIE: Warning: TravelFailure: ClientTravelFailure, Reason for Failure: ‘Failed to load package ‘/UEDPIE_0_’’. Shutting down PIE.”
It seems to work fine with LevelNames but I would kind of prefer Object Refs so I cannot misspell anything. Also it works in standalone view. It seems the PIE session somehow adds a prefix to the level and cannot find it then.
Any advice?

So I found a work around that seems to work in both Standalone and PIE.

It is a simple Blueprint Function Library function in C++ returning the asset name of a WorldSoftObject reference.

FString UWorldSoftObjectLibrary::GetAssetName(TSoftObjectPtr<UWorld> WorldReference)
	return WorldReference.GetAssetName();

It can be used like this:


This seems to work as it does not include the PIE prefix, but also seems kind of fishy to me (using the asset name in order to open a level). Are there some best practices as to how to handle level travels without using literal names? I feel like there is a high chance of generating errors when working with string literals and moving one’s level names into some constant data structure or table seems like an overhead if the asset references could be used as well.

It solved my problem, thanks. :heart: