[5-0EA] Change character blueprint load order?

Hey all,

Does anyone know of a way to alter the load order of blueprints? I’m using a plugin which, long story short, requires me to set it’s load order to “PreDefault”. When I do this however, suddenly my Character blueprint isn’t visible by my Gamemode.cpp when loading my project. I get the following errors:

  • First I get some default property errors saying that a struct in some of my widget BPs are invalid and it prompts me to remove them. I press OK to remove them. I get about 4 of these kind of errors.

  • Then, I get the following constructor helper error: Default property warning and errors: Error: CDO Constructor (MyGameMode): Failed to find /game/ThirdPersonCPP/Blueprints/ThirdPersonCharacter.ThirdPersonCharacter_C

After this the engine crashes with an access violation.

I haven’t changed any blueprint names or paths, just the load order of the plugin I’m trying to use (from Default to PreDefault).

My understanding is that my character blueprint should be loaded before my gamemode.cpp file, and so it’s crashing because the ClassFinder constructor helper isn’t finding the character blueprint. Is there a way to force my character blueprint to load in earlier? Or does anyone else have another solution? I’m kind of at a loss with this issue now. Thanks!

Edit: added tag 4-27 because 5-0EA doesn’t function as a version tag for question submission