(5-0) Adding variables to Blueprints with python scripting and UE5

I’m new to unreal and had a question about Unreal 5.

I have an Editor Utility Widget and I’m trying to create an interface with it and populate it with data in a python script. I’m using a Scroll Box (after struggling quite a bit with a ListView widget) and want to dynamically add text to the Scroll Box.

I found a way to add a component with in older version of unreal, but can’t figure out how to do this in Unreal 5. Anyone have an ideas?


add directional light component

directLightComponent = ue.add_component_to_blueprint(bp,DirectionalLightComponent, “Directional_light”)


unreal.BlueprintInterfaceFactory(outer=None , name=‘None’ ) ??


In my case I want to add text.

interface_factory = unreal.BlueprintInterfaceFactory(asset_loader, unreal.Text)

Unreal version 5.0.0-16682836
UE5 (5-0)