5.0 (5.1) Source Build Package issue: "not initialized properly" warning is now an error

these used to be warnings for years. Now suddenly they are errors and the project no longer packages.

Is there a way to fix this in source build?

Something I can change, it seems class.cpp contains the log information, or would this be in the UAT code?


Tried commenting out the error logic, it builds however my game crashes on starting with ā€œFilenameToLongPackageNameā€ error. Even though Iā€™ve never had that issue on the last build.
Seems Iā€™ll just need to fix all those errors.

Yes you will need to create Constructors for the structs in order to build, this now seems to be a requirement.

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Good to know. Have 750 of these errorsā€¦ plan to just downgrade to a slightly older UE5 build.