5.0.2 Hotfix Released

The 5.0.2 Hotfix is now live, with over 300 fixes for Unreal Engine 5.0!

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If you experience a bug with the 5.0.2 Hotfix, please follow the How to Report a Bug guide to report it on the Bug Submission Form.

Issue Summary
UE-151966 Background in editor previews render incorrectly on Mac
UE-151959 Sports Car in Vehicle Template has wrong UVs on some lights
UE-151673 Scene query ignore component parameter does not work with geometry collection component
UE-151606 (Mac Only) Graphical artifacts in Lyra in the Standalone Game mode
UE-151325 Opening Lyra from Launch-On appears with Error: Ensure condition failed: Resource->bProduced
UE-151307 SCW sometimes crashes on Mac
UE-151298 Niagara GPU Spline Crash from LWC
UE-151281 PhotoStudio Template floor in wrong place and has incorrect material
UE-151258 [Build Blocker] //UE5/Release-5.0 - Compile UnrealHeaderTool Linux - Failed to load app-local ICU: libicudata.so.64.1
UE-151251 Package FP C++ project in shipping for TVOS fails with error: could not reparse object file in bitcode bundle: 'Invalid bitcode version
UE-151238 Play Sound 2D Blueprint Start Time doesn’t work
UE-151215 UI has incorrect capitalization of ShotGrid
UE-151108 Chaos : fix physics collision shapes not following moving kinematic GCs
UE-151105 Chaos : Fix NaNs in scaled trimesh CCD contact generation
UE-151003 Control Rig in templates and Lyra is using deprecated nodes
UE-150990 ERROR: A package store manifest is required when staging to IoStore
UE-150985 Crash in editor when simulating GeometryCollectionActor with Notify Trailing enabled
UE-150963 Importing a FBX file and Deleting it causes UE to crash
UE-150941 Custom data update crash - invalid memory when removing an instance from a UHierarchicalInstancedStaticMeshComponent
UE-150926 Control Rig Compiler Crashing in Shipping
UE-150879 Replace Shotgrid Plugin Icon with Correct Icon
UE-150823 [Quartz][Device Swap] - Quartz Clock Stops when swapping Audio Output Device
UE-150810 Blackmagic timecode provider initialized with wrong frame rate
UE-150779 GitHub 9141 : [Localization Text Gathering] Fixed parser - incorrect number of arguments for LOCTABLE_FROMFILE_GAME
UE-150698 deactivate cvar for DisableCADKernelTessellation
UE-150625 [MetaSounds] - Sound Waves used in a node in composition cause editor to crash if the Sound Wave is Force Inline
UE-150546 Crash when forcing all ray tracing effects off via r.RayTracing.ForceAllRayTracingEffects=0
UE-150524 UnrealEditor spawns UBT without setting up SetupDotnet environment
UE-150461 Add proxy support in Bridge plugin
UE-150449 bBuildForArm64 defaults to false when creating a new VR Template
UE-150447 Animation Montage Details Panel Closes When Attempting to Update Animation Segment Data
UE-150436 UAnimSequenceBase::PostLoad always dirties packages
UE-150434 Cook fails when a MetaSound Source object is referenced utilizing FObjectFinder in C++
UE-150428 Solidworks datasmith exporter does not generate udatasmith file
UE-150421 On Demand Shader Compilation Manager consumes CPU time even when COTF is disabled
UE-150404 Rendering Related UE Crash on dragging to the level Blueprint Class that was copied to the Project’s Content folder from unzipped folder
UE-150403 Math nodes of float type double will accept both single & double in the input pins
UE-150395 SN-DBS performance issues and lack of VPN handling
UE-150374 Editing animations with large numbers of curves has poor framerate
UE-150364 Show window resolution in the log on Windows
UE-150353 Enable HoloLens as a Platform in the VR Template
UE-150345 Static mesh SM_Autostage_HexaFloor2 has too many sections
UE-150344 Add -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks for Android for clang13+
UE-150325 Incorrect calculation in Audio::GetOutputBufferSize()
UE-150304 Sweep gives bad results when geometry is offset from origin
UE-150253 Assertion thrown while creating a Geometry Collection with Hardware Raytracing enabled along side r.RayTracing.Geometry.GeometryCollection 1
UE-150242 datasmith exporters setup do not support autodesk 2023 portfolio
UE-150214 USD - Material tests failing due to lighting changes
UE-150206 DMX - When deleting a fixture type, undo resets its Fixture Type to null
UE-150193 geometry script AppendSimpleSweptPolygon can crash if called with empty path
UE-150185 Animation Mirroring does not take root motion into account
UE-150177 GeometryScript SetCollision functions crash in Editor Standalone Game play mode
UE-150166 IKRetargeter chain settings get lost on load if target IK Rig is not present
UE-150118 Animation Curve Editor is Very Slow In Engine
UE-150116 Aspect ratio constraint isn’t correctly restored after playing a cinematic
UE-150115 Looping sub-sequences are playing outside of their section
UE-150112 Camera animation sequences aren’t correctly initialized until they’re opened in editor
UE-150107 UE-149854 Update Mannequin Retarget assets in Lyra to match ThirdPersonTemplate Retarget assets - QA Work
UE-150090 Geometry collection is regressed in path/ray tracing and not working in UE5.0
UE-150056 Emitter LoopedAge has precision issue / quantization on GPU only
UE-150050 Control Rig: Position YZ channels are always keyed
UE-150049 Decal doesn’t work on mac mobile preview
UE-150038 Camera cut track should trigger camera cuts even when cameras are the same
UE-150031 Black glitches appearing in adaptive virtual texture landscape
UE-150024 Toolchain 14.31.31103 is bugged and fails compiling UE5 targets
UE-150020 CitySample may fail to package with GitHub versions of the engine.
UE-150014 Add CVar to override Environment Blend Mode
UE-150007 //UE5/Release-5.0 - UE.TargetAutomation(RunTest=Sequencer) Win64 - TM_ControlTypes failed due to Assertion failed: IsInGameThread()
UE-150006 Chaos : Shape generation not properly using relative size from size specific data
UE-150004 Crash Occurs In Skeletal Mesh Editor When Adding a Bone Transform in a New Animation Sequence
UE-149997 Chaos : Collision solver can sometimes generates NaNs
UE-149996 Performance hitch in Vulkan UE5
UE-149992 Geometry Collection asset : Adding an entry in the size specific data, adds an extra one
UE-149937 Lyra crashed on IOS because of the writing stencil in PPMaterial
UE-149931 Crash when using PlnCut(Modeling tools) while the sequencer is on
UE-149924 Artifacts on mobile deferred on some specific mobile devices
UE-149912 Large Volumes block scene snapping in Modeling Mode
UE-149904 Default Codec Doesn’t Support Seeking
UE-149899 EditorBulkDatas are duplicating BulkDataIds when copied, breaking the contract that these should be unique
UE-149891 [Sound Cue][Blueprint API] - Setting parameters not always working
UE-149869 Use-after-free in OpenXR when using multiple GPUs
UE-149854 Update Mannequin Retarget assets in Lyra to match ThirdPersonTemplate Retarget assets
UE-149812 SA issue & non unity compile error in NiagaraScriptGraphViewModel
UE-149798 Particle collision query results can be assigned to the wrong particles
UE-149792 BakeAll: Tangent normals are incorrect
UE-149773 Multiple ISR passes result in severe graphical glitching
UE-149770 Moving both Virtual Joysticks while piloting VCAM will cause one Joystick to get stuck
UE-149765 infinite loop in UGizmoLabdaHitTarget
UE-149752 Issue 163135: Compile errors in LevelSnapshotsEditorSettings.h and LevelSnapshotsEditorSettings.cpp
UE-149737 Cache puts can cause move collision log spam in the absence of legitimate move collisions
UE-149732 Linux fails to write files larger then 2GB
UE-149724 Lumen multi-view-family LOD artifacts and slow convergence and drift
UE-149673 Custom HLSL Node can’t be copied in some cases
UE-149672 StreamingLevels are not marked pending kill causes missing necessarily object references cleanup
UE-149670 Fbx Exporter crash when exporting sequence with cine camera and live link
UE-149654 Mannequin Retarget asset’s retarget chain properties not consistent with one another
UE-149632 ContentExamples Boids fly off in random directions
UE-149624 Level Instance Pivot is ignored when running game or PIE
UE-149605 When importing gltf with MaterialsSpecular extension or MaterialsIOR extension I get warning of unkwnonExtension
UE-149602 Data does not propagate correctly in DDC due to the pak file cache and in-flight cache
UE-149600 Text3D crashes when its async build hasn’t executed before the component is unregistered
UE-149576 Report Windows build number in the log
UE-149561 CitySample does not compile on Linux in 5.0
UE-149558 RVT shows bad pages when landscape editing
UE-149548 Hair grooms are culled while they should not
UE-149537 Multiple crash fixes for 5.0 Release
UE-149530 Height fog start distance > 0 result in harsh cut on volumetric fog
UE-149528 Simulcast streaming fails with unsupported RTP parameters
UE-149527 Update PixelStreaming max bitrate to support 4k.
UE-149526 Fix streamer support for older versions of signaling server
UE-149524 VSM metadata allocation causes excessive VRAM spikes
UE-149511 Warp frustum calculations are not affected by the mesh triangle sizes
UE-149469 VRTemplate project crashes when adding a const 4 in a new material
UE-149401 Level editor viewports crash when deleting actors after a layout change
UE-149363 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor-DatasmithImporter!UActorFactoryDatasmithSceneImpl::ImportActors(UDatasmithScene *,ADatasmithSceneActor *,UE::Math::TTransform const &,EObjectFlags,bool) [ActorFactoryDatasmithScene.cpp:132]
UE-149359 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor-Engine!USkeleton::IsCompatible(USkeleton const *) [Skeleton.cpp:127]
UE-149358 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor-EditorInteractiveToolsFramework!UModeManagerInteractiveToolsContext::MouseMove(FEditorViewportClient *,FViewport *,int,int)
UE-149356 [CrashReporter] UnrealEditor-LevelEditor!TTypedElement::SelectElement
UE-149335 The skin rendering is flickering on mobile preview when tuning the subsurface profile
UE-149314 GeoMerge tool merges geometry into clusters
UE-149306 Assertion occurs when undoing a Child State’s unparenting from another Child State in AI State Trees, leading to a crash.
UE-149294 UnrealFrontend doesn’t package client and adds both -noclient & -client argument when both server and client is selected to be packaged in same profile
UE-149289 Alias wire offsets patches with transform values
UE-149260 DatasmithRhinoExporter - Exporter crash when deleting a layer with DirectLink active.
UE-149244 Skinned mesh corruption in ray tracing effects on AMD
UE-149233 Retarget asset for UE5 → UE4 in Lyra improperly retargets hands
UE-149182 Crash occurs when trying to edit a MetaSound Source asset while a MetaSound Source object is referenced utilizing FObjectFinder in C++
UE-149181 Meshing parameters are not correctly apply during CAD import
UE-149180 FlushPendingTicks crash on D3D12
UE-149122 TMap Values in User Structs do not convert to real numbers
UE-149105 AimOffset 1D node can’t be added to the AnimGraph
UE-149081 Edit with FK Control Rig operation does not key FKControlRig track
UE-149078 Skeletal mesh does not update to show the pose with additive layer tracks when the weight of the pose is set to 1.0
UE-149077 A memory leak on mac/ios in UE5
UE-149062 [MetaSounds][Voice Management] - Newly created MetaSounds that spawn out of range do not spawn when Virtualization Setting is ‘Restart’
UE-149057 Android - Installed project crashes on launch on Adreno 600 devices with OS 9
UE-148989 Experiencing a crash on participating MU machines when VCam component is enabled
UE-148955 Foliage is not rendered at correct position on mobile preview
UE-148941 Enum setting on control doesn’t persist
UE-148940 Float / integer sub controls transforming with parent transform control
UE-148928 Crash when trying to open control rig asset
UE-148891 Root Motion Not Retained when Retargeting Animation Assets from UE4 to UE5
UE-148889 Crash when filtering in sequencer
UE-148882 Restart Player at Transform leaves the character unpossessed, failing to restart the player.
UE-148709 Editor crash when imported some gltf with embedded texture
UE-148706 Add -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks for iOS/tvOS for clang13
UE-148703 [CrashReporter]UnrealEditor-LandscapeEditor!FEdModeLandscape::IsSelectionAllowed(AActor *,bool) [LandscapeEdMode.cpp:2804]
UE-148700 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor-ModelingComponentsEditorOnly!UStaticMeshComponentToolTarget::CommitDynamicMesh(UE::Geometry::FDynamicMesh3 const &,IDynamicMeshCommitter::FDynamicMeshCommitInfo const &) [StaticMeshComponentToolTarget.cpp:240]
UE-148689 [CrashReporter] UnrealEditor-ContentBrowser!SAssetView::OnListMouseButtonDoubleClick(TSharedPtr<FAssetViewItem,1>) [SAssetView.cpp:3658]
UE-148680 Memory overwrite due to the BarrierCommandList being too small in FD3D12CommandListManager::ExecuteCommandListInternal
UE-148644 Crash opening Animation blueprint with aimoffset node connected to output pose
UE-148642 Crash opening embedded aimoffset in animgraph
UE-148618 [Sound Cue][Blueprint API] - Setting a parameter value a second times does not work
UE-148617 GitHub 9063 : Fix typo in RestartPlayerAtTransform
UE-148599 Editor crashes when pressing the cancel button in the Datasmith import options panel
UE-148589 GitHub 9061 : There was a bug UTF-8 string in session attributes will be garbled.
UE-148582 GitHub 9060 : There was a bug UTF-8 string in session attributes will be garbled.
UE-148531 [MetaSound][CitySample] - Ensure condition failed: DataTypeRegistry.IsUObjectProxyFactory(InClass.GetDefaultObject())
UE-148516 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor-Engine!FCanvas::ClearBatchesToRender() [Canvas.cpp:993]
UE-148515 Crash on Build All Levels
UE-148488 GitHub 9055 : There was a bug UTF-8 string in session attributes will be garbled.
UE-148478 When HotReload-ing from Visual Studio, editor will prematurely load dlls
UE-148380 MH Hair creates crazy colors when launching PIE
UE-148341 Lyra packaging does not work on custom source build due to csproj paths
UE-148307 CitySample - alter gender language per MHC request
UE-148302 Get Sequence Binding node has an unresolved binding when attempting to get a binding from a sub sequence.
UE-148236 Preview Additional Meshes doesn’t copy curves from source skelmesh
UE-148226 Collapse All Sections’ doesn’t seem to behave as expected
UE-148107 Ubuntu 22.04 is dropping openssl1 from the system with UBT depends on
UE-148100 Instanced Stereo setting crashes engine when building lighting, creating a vector3 or disabling setting
UE-148063 Control Rig: Function doesn’t update properly when adding new inputs
UE-148051 Android packaged directory not contains linux-x64 folder on Linux
UE-148033 [CrashReport]UnrealEditor-ApplicationCore!FWindowsApplication::ProcessDeferredMessage(FDeferredWindowsMessage const &) [WindowsApplication.cpp:2045]
UE-148030 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor-MeshPaintingToolset!UMeshTexturePaintingTool::FinishPaintingTexture() [MeshTexturePaintingTool.cpp:1171]
UE-147996 Control Rig: Expand Function isn’t connecting nodes properly
UE-147941 Assertion thrown while deleting a Curve from a Control Rig asset - DetailsViewWrapperObject.cpp: 231
UE-147936 Crash trying to compile retarget node connected to the RigidBody
UE-147929 Alias Wire maintain material assignments on sewn mesh
UE-147898 Error: EditCondition attempted to compare operands of different types: ConnectionType and EConnectionType::NetworkOnly when opening AndroidFileServer Plugin page
UE-147856 Datasmith incorrectly imports 3Dxml files
UE-147855 Incomplete transition in the third person template animation graph
UE-147821 check hit when launch game with -norenderthread
UE-147762 [MetaSounds][Stereo Mixer] - When changing the gain on the Right channel dynamically, the output has clicks and pops
UE-147757 Crash when moving VirtualCamera2Actor while recording a take
UE-147737 Pixel 6 Pro crashes on start up when launching Blank C++/Blank BP package
UE-147736 Remove Oculus Touch (R) A Press binding for MovementAxisRight_Y as it’s causing issues if another Action Mapping is using the button
UE-147699 Crash when attempting to scale cone component in blueprint
UE-147627 Baking a Backwards Solve doesn’t consider bone adjustments between shared skeletons
UE-147610 Crash when reimporting fbx with import mesh LODs on
UE-147560 CitySampleCrowd - alter gender language per MHC request
UE-147486 OpenXR calls RequestExitApp() when ending a session
UE-147450 nDisplay Template - No platforms listed as Supported Platforms in the Project Settings
UE-147449 nDisplay nodes/viewports shift position when rendering with MRQ
UE-147429 Bake Anim Sequence - Transform tracks are added even with the option unticked
UE-147377 DistanceToNearestSurface Material Node breaks when connected to the Opacity Mask channel
UE-147376 [Synth][Tone Generator] - Editor crashes when Starting Synth Component Tone Generator
UE-147360 VR Preview w. Net Mode Play As Client doesn’t function as intended
UE-147330 Chaos Destruction Bounding Box Does Not Update
UE-147328 OpenXR: Hand off ERHIAccess to CopyTexture_RenderThread
UE-147325 ISumixBufferListener receives audio of sibling Submix
UE-147323 Crash occurs when undoing emitter after deactivation inside of a Niagara System.
UE-147296 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor-InteractiveToolsFramework!UInteractiveToolsContext::StartTool(EToolSide,FString const &) [InteractiveToolsContext.cpp:229]
UE-147266 nDisplay - Viewports transform behave incorrectly after compiling the configuration
UE-147254 Issue with Fixed DT and MRQ
UE-147124 Old OBB files at /sdcard/obb/[packagename] will prevent new content working for quick-launch
UE-147052 LogPrimitiveComponent: Warning: CreateDynamicMaterialInstance on /Game/Map/UEDPIE_0_Small_City_LVL.Small_City_LVL:PersistentLevel.BP_vehCar_vehicle07_Sandbox_C_6.SKM_Exterior: Material index 7 is invalid
UE-147050 CitySample - LogMaterial: Warning: Material /Game/Road/Material/M_Freeway_Underside.M_Freeway_Underside missing bUsedWithInstancedStaticMeshes=True! Default Material will be used in game.
UE-147049 CitySample - LogNiagara: Warning: Source emitter ‘depthParticles’ not found. System: NiagaraSystem /Game/Effect/Niagara/Environment/NS_birds_on_ground.NS_birds_on_ground
UE-147010 Hololens crash when opening this test level in ShooterGame as a server
UE-147008 Crash occurs after exiting the Editor with Maya LiveLink connection established on Mac
UE-147006 There are duplicate Cube10 assets, which is causing Z-fighting on the MassCrowd map
UE-146998 Split Tool does not preserve pivot on output objects
UE-146970 Pivot tool is not automatically deactivated when changing mod to any other than Animation
UE-146941 Crash on shutdown in Nanite when running dedicated server
UE-146914 Third Person Template descriptions need updating (BP and C++)
UE-146888 Lyra & Mannequins: Warning when retargeting using MetaHumans
UE-146873 Waveform disappears from Thumbnail after dragging sound into a level
UE-146853 PIE sessions end abruptly when using console command ‘restartlevel’
UE-146807 fracture mode ‘hide unselected’ can show root cluster geometry that should never be shown
UE-146750 tvOS Binary package hits assertion (!bDepthStencil && bSupportsMSAAStoreAndResolve)
UE-146737 Add updated platform images for Lyra
UE-146648 [CrashReport] FSkinnedMeshComponentRecreateRenderStateContext::~FSkinnedMeshComponentRecreateRenderStateContext()
UE-146619 Enabling auto-instancing crashes on Mali devices with more than 2000 mesh instances in the scene
UE-146581 Crash opening level with multiple MetaHumans present after updating from UE 4.27.2
UE-146564 [MetaSounds] - Sound Waves used in composition cut out after GC in packaged game if the reference graph uses a literal input
UE-146533 Crash when selecting control rig class in Blueprint Actor
UE-146466 [MetaSounds][Trigger Route] - If Value 0 is a non-zero value and Value 1 is a zero value, the output pops on triggering Set
UE-146461 DMX - sACN Priority mode set to Per-Address breaks the DMX input in UE
UE-146458 MGPU- Color shifting on the inner frustum when using GPU 1 instead 0 in nDisplay
UE-146422 Editor crashes when an Animation Blueprint Template is compiled with ‘Layered Blend Per Bone’ node
UE-146410 GetPlayerController does not respect the specified world context
UE-146370 whitelist /Engine/Transient path in CopyMeshToStaticMesh() of geometry scripting
UE-146331 Lyra: Inversion of Mouse Axis turns off while aiming
UE-146313 Foot not angled against the surface on a sloped surface in Standalone mode
UE-146309 Can’t delete a Level Instance
UE-146293 Lyra has no Anti-Aliasing on Android
UE-146282 Type Promotion does not work with Soft Actor class references
UE-146267 C++ Third Person Template project crashes when opened
UE-146209 Korean input does not work on component search editbox
UE-146149 Datasmith Exporter version warning during Archicad Direct Link import
UE-146123 Compatible skeletons are not listed in sequencer anim tracks (5.0.2)
UE-146106 [MetaSounds] - Trigger on Threshold node Crashes editor on play when using literal value for threshold
UE-146058 Adding an output to the default function of a Blueprint Interface now requires the Interface to be compiled in order to change the output’s values
UE-146056 Vehicle Template - Clean blueprints and comments
UE-146029 Can’t add Specific Parameter to Set Parameters module
UE-145970 CitySampleCrowd - LogHairStrands: Warning: [Groom] Groom asset (Group:#/#) is set to use Skinning at LOD #/8 while the parent skel. mesh does not support skin. cache at this LOD
UE-145966 Datasmith Retessellate ignores stitching technic
UE-145959 DirectLink in Editor - Editor can freeze when content browser displays a DatasmithScene imported with DirectLink
UE-145785 ARCore: Camera does not function in ARDebugCheck app
UE-145762 [CrashReport]Assertion failed: Backing.Buffer.GetStorageMode() == Mode [File:/Users/build/Build/++UE5/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/Apple/MetalRHI/Private/MetalVertexBuffer.cpp] [Line: 287]
UE-145760 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor_UnrealEd!FEditorModeTools::ExitAllModesPendingDeactivate
UE-145749 [CrashReport]UnrealEditor-D3D12RHI!FD3D12QueryHeap::EndQueryBatchAndResolveQueryData(FD3D12CommandContext &) [D3D12Query.cpp:408]
UE-145734 [Alias] Patch with unassigned materials
UE-145707 Unreal Frontend is crashed on selecting session from My Session tab.
UE-145687 [Device Swap] - Ensure when connecting a controller or USB audio device while audio is playing in PIE
UE-145646 //UE5/Release-5.0 Large mesh culling over a large distance is failing
UE-145643 Pre-auth Unreal Engine gameserver denial of service via vulnerable LoadPackage usage in PackageMapClient
UE-145632 Can’t load GroomCache asset from UE4
UE-145593 Lightmaps on Vulkan mobile displays strange colors and uneven shadows
UE-145566 Crash on exit in FD3D12BuddyAllocator::Deallocate
UE-145518 Connecting HoloLens 2 remotely to editor crashes the engine with FPS template project
UE-145495 Empty scene when importing Reimport.SLDASM (update) via Datasmith
UE-145475 Crash when calling SetVector2DParameter on a Niagara Parameter Collection
UE-145444 Retessellate Skip Deleted Surface does not work with TechSoft
UE-145442 [Clone] QAGame package made from Installed Build won’t run with Error while loading shared Libraries
UE-145421 Crash when enabling r.HairStrands.Visibility.PPLL
UE-145377 Remote Control - Crash when using RC property watcher in standalone or cooked with a FText or FString property
UE-145370 Set Parameters module can’t populate parameters correctly
UE-145256 Remote Control DMX - Bound location reset to 0 on binding creation
UE-145226 Sound Cue Quality Node Does Not Resolve Quality Level Correctly on all platforms
UE-145065 Graphic artifacts with real time reflections and volumetric clouds on M1
UE-144851 Unable to install DatasmithExporterPlugin 5.0 for Sketchup 2022 on macOS
UE-144819 Normal function in modeling tools crashes when accepting with no option checked
UE-144804 Closing a newly created emitter crashes the editor
UE-144743 World Niagara System Pool is reclaiming a component that is not in it’s InUse list
UE-144739 HoloLens device detection ::RoInitialize(RO_INIT_MULTITHREADED) problem.
UE-144716 CAD Solidworks .SLDASM files Import incorrectly
UE-144710 Datasmith-generated UV scale is wrong
UE-144605 heap-use-after-free in VulkanMemory
UE-144328 Level Snapshot - Create Level Snapshot window has to be close and reopen for the Default Level Snapshot Name to be considered
UE-144253 External actors saved prior to launching nDisplay do not transact
UE-144198 Error: File processing failure: ExampleEngine.SLDPRT , no geometries imported
UE-144197 Datasmith Auto sync on solidworks keeps sending update to Unreal Editor
UE-144185 [MetaSounds][Diffuser] - Feedback on the Diffuser is not clamped
UE-144097 Window Tab is Unavailable within Blueprint Debugger on Mac Editor
UE-144025 [CrashReport] Assertion failed: Payload.IsNull() [File:D:\build++UE5\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\Serialization\EditorBulkData.cpp] [Line: 1530]
UE-143948 Inner frustum looks darker than expected in PL_SimpleLightBake level
UE-143928 Changes made to DCRA do not transact across MU to nodes when in a level using World Partition
UE-143912 Tween Tool: Does not seem to be evaluating the rig.
UE-143793 HoloLens Quick Launch fails with Could not load file or assembly ‘System.Net.Http.WebRequest’
UE-143597 CadImport: Errors when importing a specific Solidworks file with sew option
UE-143520 Bring glTF exporter code from gitHub back into perforce
UE-143063 Natvis doesn’t work for arrays using TMemoryImageAllocator
UE-142743 Adreno 640,630 Vulkan Shader Compilation Crash
UE-142508 Bake Anim Sequence - Some keys don’t get baked when reaching 0
UE-141871 XR Deferred: Volumetric fog does not render in right eye with moveable lights
UE-141790 Crash when not saving level after using MovieRenderQueue for that level
UE-141654 Possible deadlock in VulkanMemory
UE-141646 Fix Techsoft Datasmith integration in Linux
UE-141542 GitHub 8856 : DatasmithC4DDynamicImporter update for R25 SDK and bugfixes
UE-141336 OSSEOS: Public headers include private headers
UE-141288 Direct Link: Available sources are not being updated/added after pressing refresh button
UE-141085 Resolution of floating PIE window doesn’t match requested res
UE-140471 [MetaSounds] - Tooltips on Concatenate Array both say Left array
UE-136811 Rebuild LLVM 13.0.1 with libcxx with std::filesystem support enabled
UE-135294 UE 5.0 Release - Posturized Rendering Issues with Meerkat Demo Project
UE-126026 Add -gz=zlib Feature Support for UBT/Linux
UE-107791 Too many memories are occupied when compiling shaders.
UE-22154 UpdateTexture2DSubresourceCS shader broken for A8 textures