4k textures are showing 7Kb resource size in texture editor and displaying incorrectly

2022-05-25 17_58_41-test

In my current project every 4k texture shows up in the texture editor as being only 7kb, which is obviously incorrect. They also display weird, very blurry in some bits and sharp in others, and changing the LOD Bias doesn’t change the preview.
2k textures and below all work as expected.
When packaging the project, it seems to do the right thing, it’s just when using the texture editor. I tried in a fresh project and the same textures work as expected in the editor.
Deleting intermediate, saved and derived data cache folders doesn’t do anything.

The project is a mobile oculus quest 2 application - not that it should make a difference?

I’m having this problem as well. Are you importing to UE4 from Character Creator by chance? That is what I am doing. I’m using their import plugin and I’m wondering if that is causing the problem. My 4k textures are blurry and only 7kb also. Very strange.

Okay, after re-importing my skeletal mesh from Character Creator 4 via the CC Setup plugin in Unreal 4 and using 2k textures instead of 4k my mesh looks fine. Not sure what caused the problem exactly but I hope this helps others if they experience this behavior. Not a fix but certainly works.

It’s how virtual textures are shown. There is a setting that automatically converts 4k textures to virtual textures and when you imported it at 2k it didn’t convert it.

Gotcha. Good to know. Thanks.