4k texture maps exported from SP look pixelated and low res in ue4

Unreal engine 4.27

Substance Painter

NOTE: I use 4096 X 2048 textures and roughness, metallic and occlusion are in the same texture map

Are you using substance painter to paint on a mesh and then exporting the textures and making a material for it? Or are you importing a substance designer material and applying it to the mesh in ue4? Early on with substance I noticed that you have to adjust the base graph to set the resolution, it kept bringing it in as low res. This issue never happens when I paint it on a UVmap/mesh and then export the textures and import them to unreal. Hope this helps

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I use painted static textures from substance painter. Here is my sp export setting:

And it looks fine in Blender too. I think something needs to be tweaked in UE:

I think it doesn’t show up in the videos, so here are some shots:

Have you checked the settings for graphics in UE? Such as scalability and texture details. Also there’s a chance you’re going over the texture pool limit, increase it above 1000MB by using in the console
r.Streaming.PoolSize #
I always increase to 10000MB, but most people try to keep texture details down to keep the game smaller in size.

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After deep dive, changing textures’ compression settings solved the issue. Thanks for your help anyway. :slight_smile: