4Gb RAM... can I run it?

Hello can I run UE4 on 4Gb RAM and AMD Radeon 5600 HD series 2Gb i3-520 2x3.07GHZ Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit

the answer depends on more than just system specs but just judging by your hardware its a solid maybe but probably not well. actually that may be being too nice i seriously doubt that you will be able to run and accomplish too much given the hardware. 4 gigs ram could be doable but i usually recommend at lead 8 gigs but for small levels that aren’t too complex you may be ok. the gpu i couldn’t find solid data on but according to roughly comparable (5690) cards it looks a bit underpowered. i started with a gtx 750ti and that’s the lowest id recommend but others have said they’ve used integrated graphics so your call. now for the processor, it has a solid clock speed but its a older dual core. from what i’ve seen quadcore is recommended at minimum. you also need to take into consideration how the hardware runs, its age, and the other software your running in the background which can affect the performance available.

bottom line here is your not cutting edge or near current so don’t expect to make the next AAA quality title but if your just looking to play around and learn a bit then i would suggest downloading the engine and seeing if it works. also if the latest release doesn’t work try an older version (maybe 4.10-4.15) which has less features and was designed on older hardware, it may run better for you. Again try it out see what you can do and maybe save up for a better system over time, i know newegg has some decent refurb deals that would run about 130-200 for a system i know could work and theres organizations out there that get donated PCs and refurb them.

disclaimer: this is all my opinion based on my experience.