48h game made | download beta | dual stick shooter | very difficult

Hi guys, Im here again to show you my latest work in progress game, I made it with 2 more guys in just 48 hours for a Game Jam, 100% with BluePrints.

The game is a dual stick shooter that we are planning to extend, Here is a video showing what we have:

The game is based on 2 worlds, (present and past) and you have to destroy the enemys.

To do that, you can change on real time over the 2 worlds to escape from traps, kill bosses and many more.

Compresed size: 59,9MB
Final size: ~101MB

I hope you like it and give us all the feedback you can, thanks!

It has been spotlighted in this stream: (minute 12:58)

Amazing job Nesjett! it blows my mind to think that this project was done in 48 hours. I am going to have to give this a try later on in the day. Keep up the fantastic work and I hope to see more of your projects in the future. Have a great day!

Thank you Sean Gribbin, I would like to take some reports so feel free to tell here any critics/suggestions :slight_smile:


Arcade arcade <3

:), okay, I guess this is take 2 :slight_smile:

Amazing stuff, would be great if you could share some of the blueprints to see how this stuff works.

Grettings :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! sure I could post some screens, what do you want to see? enemys? HUD? world change system?

I think the most difficult work on this game was the world change system, because the world you are letting behind becomes frozen (enemys doesnt move) till you go there again

My respect, Nesjett. I wish I were as fast as you =D

Do you mean by developing things? hehe

Developing games =) How long are you in game development?

I have a xbox controller and I can only move the player. I cannot aim with the right thumb stick and I cannot shoot while using the xbox controller.

Im on game development since UDK 2011 (more or less) but really I didnt code almost nothink there.

Blueprints are awesome if you know atleast the programming bases

LcSweeper, Im sorry about that, the game is not made for controlles right now, we were hiring to finish it in just 48 hours and our judges would play it with keyboard and mouse so we missed the controller configurations.

I will add this for the next rev

Thanks for testing!

Enemys would be cool and also how you set up the particle system… it just looks amazing :slight_smile:

Well, Im taking a look to the enemy blueprints, but they are quite simple, Im using inheritance to make different enemys

Here are some of Its features, for example the boss laser

Or the boss levitation effect:

The movement on the normal enemys is handled as a normal AI and the node “simple move to”

To handle the traps, minibosses and big bosses, I made some functions on the game BP so it activates them by time/score/conditions

The best problem, as I said was to build the world change system, so Im saving 1 array for each world, keeping in it the current enemys on this world, and then when the player changes the world I set the right values on the enemy properties trought the instances that are in the correct array

About the particle effects, I cant share pics of that cause they were made by another guy, but some of them were based on the content example ones so you can take a look there

Oh by the way I do like it. I can’t wait for the gamepad support nice job.

Hi guys,

I worked with Nestor in this game during 48 hours. I worked in particles, 3d models, etc. (visual appearance of the game). I hope you like the game :slight_smile:

Here are some images of the particle systems used in the game:


Some of the particles in the game are based on the particles that you can find in the content examples. Most of them are simple particles executed in GPU.