[48-Hour Asylum Jam] Antiseptic

Hello everyone,

This weekend myself and a great team finished our first Unreal Engine 4 project. We did it in 48 hours for the Asylum Jam.

This is the first time we used Unreal 4 as well. UE4 really allowed for us to be productive and make something awesome.

You can download the game here.

There is a bug in the main menu right now that I will be updating. I’ll update this thread with any fixes we make. I hope you all enjoy it.

Thanks and have a great day.



Fantastic work Witdarkstar! I am going to have to give this a play-through later on in the day. Keep up the awesome work and have a great day!

Thank you very much. This was the first time we all used UE4 for a project and it was a blast. I hope you enjoy the game and have a great day too!