404 Error in the documentation

I was looking through the documentation and I found this link:

It gives a 404 error page.

There isn’t a report button there, so I figured I will do it here.

404 here too.

Accursed 404 errors! :frowning:

There are a bunch of pages which don’t work anymore, you find answers on the answerhub with a link to documentation and you just get a 404 error.

Happened to me once or twice when I downloaded it through an HTML program.
Just refused to let me view the page. (I would download the whole documentaion… Really a pain when you need that Documentaion now and it doesn’t work!)

I always thought it was my fault… But now It seems it is on Epics side sadly.

This particular error we are aware of and will be fixing shortly.

Can you provide links to the pages that don’t work? There are a few (2 or 3) we know of and are working to fix, but all other pages should be working.

I don’t know them anymore, when I find one and I will remember it I will post it.