4 websites to promote your app

I would love to share with you guys some of the websites to promote your app.

  1. Feedmyapp
    A good place to start is Feedmyapp. You can present your app the way you want by writing up your own descriptions and attaching your own tags to help users find you. Better still, most submissions are accepted. For those of you looking for a little extra exposure, a small number of apps are reviewed each month and given pride of place on the homepage — plus, if you really want, you have the option to pay for this privilege.

  2. Launching Next
    If you’re trying to build up some hype for your mobile app prior to launch, consider submitting your app for review by Launching Next. You only get to say a few words about your app, but it’s well worth the couple of minutes it will take to fill out the submission form — a good number of apps accepted, there are regular updates and you get a hungry audience, all looking to find the next big thing.

  3. Springwise
    Springwise won’t accept just any run of the mill app; to be considered, you need to be offering something truly groundbreaking. Tick that box and your app can get a lot of exposure to a large, tech-savvy audience. It’s not just mobile apps that get featured; any unique ideas for a new business has a place.

  4. The Startup Pitch
    To get featured on The Startup Pitch, you’ll have to answer several carefully chosen questions about your app, essentially turning your submission into a pitch to encourage audience members to try out your app. This is great as it allows you not just to talk about what your app is, but why people should try it out.

So do you suggest any other website to promote your app? Please share

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