4 Systems

Hello there peoples :slight_smile:

I have a question about 3 different systems:

XP System


Health System.


To explain further. I am trying to make a somewhat basic rpg as proof of concept (for myself) to build it. I followed the default building tutorials on youtube from unreal and have a house. Now i imported a tree and fixed that it looked like a tree. I set a trigger box to surround it. Then i made a system by googling and trial and error: see picture attached.


  1. Now what i want to do is make the tree start falling slow then faster and at the end slow.

  2. Make the character get xp for what he is doing (have no idea how the entire xp system works) + a UI place for seeing xp

  3. Make the character get wood in the inventory + a UI place for seeing inventory

  4. have different axes have different damage on the tree with a tree with x amount of health

Now i understand it may be a lot to ask at first and i am ok with vague answers but now im completely stuck so any help is much appreciated <3

Kind dutch regrets, sorry for my english 8)


Hi Emptyless,

I will move this thread into the blueprint section, because there you will get the best help for what you are searching for. :wink: