4 Mobile games being released


Today i’m just doing the final art for the AppStore and Google Play store and uploading them this weekend.
Very simple games.

I was Abducted
Math / Puzzle game. You need to get the guy out of the house. Time is shown how long it takes to get to the waypoint. You need to calculate how long it will take to reach a place, then if required add a timer to a waypoint where it will then wait at the waypoint before moving on. This is done to avoid cameras detecting you.

Shopping Day
Memory game. See if you can remember what was on your shopping list. You only have a few seconds to memorize.

Shopping Day 3d.
Same as above except it has an actual cart in a store.

Endless runner. See how far you can get. If you crash the shark pops out and eat you. Also collect coins.

These games will be updated over time and improved on. But for now they will be published.

Good lord its a lot of work creating icons for the app store and google play store. Tedious work. Achievement names etc.

Thx. Been lying on my HDD for so long now doing nothing but gathering fragmented bytes.

After being demotivated by size issues and finally sucking it up im actually just publishing them now.
First one is live on Google. IOS still waiting approval. Others should be up soon.
Made with UMG and a blueprint.

Found this lately:

It generates icons for several major platforms. I used it for a website, but maybe it could be useful for apps too?