4 blueprint interaction to trigger sequence in VR scene, help is sorely needed.


-I have a scene with a crane(BP_1)

-The crane is part of a level sequence that crane from A to B, picks up an object and then brings it to C.

-The VR_Pawn*(BP_2) needs to grab a pendant(BP_3) *in order to make the controller buttons (MotionController FaceButton 1(play sequence) and 3(reverse sequence) BP_2) that play the sequence be active.

Here is my BP in the Level Blueprints*(BP_4)* that makes the sequence play.

I am fairly new to blueprints, having spent the last two weeks going from 0 to now having better sense of how everything is connected and how to make something like this work, but my knowledge is still not good enough, right now my head is just spinning trying to figure this out.

Any help is appreciated,



I don’t quite understand what exactly your problem is, are you searching for a way of reversing the level sequence? If so just set the playrate to -1 and then play.
Heres also a question post for this issue: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/431062/how-to-reverse-a-level-sequencer.html
If you have any other question, feel free to ask :slight_smile: