4.9 Procedural Generation

I have a created blueprint and edit of a UE4 standard gamemode.
The blueprint is of a box which has an arrow and trigger, and should generate these boxes in a direction and any number of times which I program in a function.
I get the error from a SpawnActor, stating I do not need a CastTo. How can I solve this problem?
This blueprint and edit of the gamemode worked in a previous version of UE4, however I upgraded to 4.9. I tried installing the previous version, but it still doesn’t work.
If you know of another way to spawn something and have a destroy actor to remove the boxes everytime there is a collision with trigger, that’d be great.
Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Just remove the “cast to” node, more than likely in the upgrade, the internal tables that tell the blueprint editor, that a cast to was needed for the prior version,a nd now at 4.9, that is no longer the case, the compiler is just telling you that the “cast to” is no longer needed for whatever reason.

If the blueprint has stopped functioning correctly, there will a different reason, not related to the cast to.

This did not fix the problem. The actor will not even spawn anymore

are you getting any sort of compile error? after removing the “cast” node?

If not, then there is something else going on.

the best way to let people look at it, is to do

  1. Open up the function/script that does the spawn
  2. select all the nodes
  3. copy and paste into a text editor
  4. you will see the internals of how the blueprint editor looks at the blueprint
  5. save that as a file and upload it

Others can then download it, and copy and paste back into the editor, and have everything you do, without wasting time on frigging screen shots.