[4.9] No DefaultInput file generated if missing in checked out project

We’ve recently switched to 4.9. One of our developers has created a new C++ project and submitted all auto-generated files to source control (Subversion).

After checking out the project (in TortoiseSVN, not Unreal lingo), I wanted to create some new input mappings. So I opened the ProjectSettings and switched to the Input category.

What happened next was that the project idled for a while, attempting to load (or create?) the settings file. I waited about 10 minutes before I gave up. When I checked the Config folder, I noticed that no DefaultInput.ini existed, so I copied an existing file from another project into the Config folder. After that, I was able to access and edit the input settings.

Later in a reproduction attempt, I tried creating my own C++ project locally. As before, the DefaultInput.ini didn’t exist initially. However, this time as soon as I picked the Input category in the ProjectSettings, the file was immediately autocreated.

As far as I can tell, the only difference was that I hadn’t created the former project myself and that it was connected via Source Control. A co-worker also tried changing the input settings and experienced the same problem.

Hey -

I tried to recreate this issue using Perforce. I created a new C++ project and confirmed that the DefaultInput.ini file did not exist before adding the project to source control. I then had a teammate sync to the project and confirm that they did not have the ini file before opening the project. Inside the editor he was able to open the Input tab which opened immediately and was able to be edited. The DefaultInput.ini file was created locally for him at this point. Let me know if there is something I’ve done differently in my test or if there is something I’ve missed


Once we got it running (with the copied ini file), we didn’t experiment any further. We’re using Subversion, though. Also, we’re doing all our version updates via TortoiseSVN outside the editor.