4.9 Mobile UMG touch not working on features

Just switched over my mobile project to ue 4.9.

I noticed than a few features in UMG don’t work on mobile.
For the time being it’s “Check Box” & “Slider” that doesn’t seem to work.
I also found out that “Scrollbox” also can’t get blueprint Touch Input when pressing on it. I have my own scrollbox slowdown function which won’t work anymore. If I put something over it like an overlay it works but the buttons inside can’t be pressed since the overlay is there

In the editor when you have “Use Mouse for Touch” it doesn’t do anything for the project. Hopefully you can put out a fix soon.



Is there a specific way that you’re setting up your check box, slider and scrollbox? Could you please provide us with screenshots of your blueprints in order to verify the issue that you’re having.

Also, do these commands work within the mobile previewer? Have you tested launch on? Do these issues occur on Android too?

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

Hi, I created a new project to see if it also did the same thing on the new project and indeed it did. I will upload a video for you to see. It has the editor running with and without “Use Mouse for Touch”. I’m not using any setup for the widgets atm just the standard drag and drop version.

I also tested it on & 6 and it didn’t work. I tested it on an android device as well with the same results.

For the time being I made my own Check Box widget & Sliders so that they work but hopefully you can look in to this and fix it.

Thanks in advance.


Great that it’s already been found on the preview builds. Hope to see a fix by 4.9.1.

There is a problem with UMG Touch in 4.9 version. So if you set “Use Mouse for Touch”, the touch problem will keep the mouse from working as well.

There is already a ticket issued on this, see: