[4.9 mac] Use Distance Field Alpha messes the font up

I’m trying to setup a font for using it with a textrenderactor.
I’ve followed one of the many tutorials on the subject I have found:

When I enable Use Distance Field Alpha anyway, the preview of the font gets all messed up (see screenshot)
What am I doing wrong?

Any feedback? Anybody experiencing the same problem?

I have the same problem in Engine version 4.14.1 on Mac OSX 10.12.1.

It’s not just the preview that’s messed up - using this font on a UTextRenderComponent has the same problem.

FWIW, This does appear to be a Mac bug with Font Import.
The fonts imported on Mac were also “messed up” when used on Windows.
A quick “Reimport” on a Windows machine and all was fine.

Having the same problem on Mac with Version 4.14.3

I’m having this problem on windows 10, version 4.17. My texture will be working fine but when I reimport it’ll randomly do this and I’ll have to delete it and set it up again from scratch.