[4.9 iOS] Bundle Display Name with Symbols will Fail to Package

If I put any symbol in the Bundle Display Name under Project Settings > iOS, the game will fail to package. Throwing an unknown error.

Symbols for app names (displayed under icon) are supported on iOS devices. So this feels like a bug to me. I discovered this issue when I tried to use & between my titles.

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What kind of symbols are you attempting to use? I tested packaging a project with the following bundle display name “[!@#$%^&*()]”. It failed almost immediately during the packaging process.

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

Sorry for the late reply. I am trying to use “&” symbol. Right now I am using “N” as a substitute.

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So I have verified this with a few different templates. Unfortunately, adding in the & symbol causes the process to fail due to the illegal character being used. I have submitted a message to our iOS developer to verify that this is how the engine should behave. I will reply back once I learn more.

Thank you!

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I have spoken with our developers and this issue is expected to be resolved in 4.10. The reported is referenced as: UE-20218. If you have any further questions, please let us know.

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Thanks for the help!