4.9 Compatibility

Is it me or is there nothing in the marketplace compatible with UE4.9? (cant’ add content packs to project)

Hey there (: 4.9 was released yesterday as you might noticed. The Marketplace Sellers have some time to update their projects to 4.9.
You will need to be patient for all of them catching up with the release. But they will all eventually upgrade it.

In the mean time you could try to upgrade a downloaded 4.8 project by hand if needed (:

With each new version, the Marketplace team goes through and tests compatibility for every individual piece of content, then flags it as compatible or not. If it’s not, we notify the content creator and request a fix – we don’t fix it ourselves. Since 4.8, we’ve given content creators 45 days after the release of a new version to update their content and verify compatibility. You’ll start seeing more content flagged as 4.9 compatible in the coming days as we go through everything. :slight_smile:

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I appreciate the work you guys put in to ensure that the marketplace content is properly tested, but I feel like you guys are in over your head trying to personally curate everything. There has to be too many content creators to keep up with. The marketplace has a bottleneck that sits squarely at the junction where content must go through curation, both for first time addition and for every update. I doubt you guys have the infinite manhours required to keep up with the maximum potential content flow…

Would it make sense for Epic to create a 2 tiered marketplace? One where you have the curated content flagged with Epic’s seal of approval, and the lower tier where this stuff is out there and available, but you buy it at your own risk. Both tiers would have a review system that would let customers rate the content for it’s quality.

I personally don’t have any problems here, but I see complaints all over the place about people waiting for things to get through curation. I am sure you guys already have all kinds of plans in motion anyway, so keep up the good work :slight_smile:

We’re aware of the issue and are working on this!

Hi all! We’re getting more reports of this version incompatibility issue, and we’re working on resolving it ASAP. I’m not yet certain, but I don’t think this used to be an error and a hard stop, so this is the first time it’s actually been a bottleneck. I’ve notified the team and we’re planning on getting a fix for this as quickly as we can.

Hi Zeustiak! In this particular case, there appears to be an error and a hard stop where there wasn’t before, so this is the first time this in particular has been an issue and a bottleneck. We’re working on it.

To speak to your other point, we’ve actually been building out features that put more control directly in the hands of the Marketplace content creators to modify, update, and publish their own content while minimizing the Marketplace team’s role in a lot of the manual work we’d been doing before. When the Publishing Tool and sales numbers components come online in the relatively near future, as well as bringing all the web Marketplace features to the launcher (including search, comments, ratings, and more opportunities for embedded media), that will actually free up a tremendous amount of the Marketplace team’s time so we can minimize bottlenecks and spend more time on the curation aspects, while allowing us to manage a much larger-scale Marketplace as it grows over time. Most of the last four months has been building these tech and tools in the background.

Also, having a more user-curated version of the Marketplace is something we’ve had in discussion for awhile, but there are a lot of technical components that need to come together first before that would be possible. It is something we’re keeping in mind and building compatibility for, in the case that we decide we want to go in that kind of direction.

This guy hit the nail on the head.

Ive always thought a system where by content creators become “trusted” over time in such a context that their content is of top quality and thus their future packages would need less attention from the Marketplace team to become approved and available.

I really hope that the new system of submission is in place soon, after waiting over 3 months to have my package processed and put up on the marketplace im quite reluctant to go through that again with my other yet to be submitted packages until a more reliable and efficient method of submission is in place.

The early days of the marketplace can be understandably slow and im not trying to undermine the amazing effort the marketplace team has done, i just hope that the new system isnt far away.