4.9 back to crashing

hello, just letting you know Epic devs.

4.8 was reasonably stable for me and hardly ever crashed, since around 4.5 all other builds crash A LOT.
4.9 has gone back to crashing every few minutes.

unfortunately it just completely freezes and does not come up with the crash report and does not write anything to the log.
i cant provide a way of reproducing the crash sorry because it seems quite random what causes it to crash, just like 4.7 ect.

i still would prefer stability over new features.

4.9 is very slow when saving and duplicating objects… 4.8 Had stability more so than 4.9… I for one am for stability

I’ve also noticed that, 4.8 was more stable. For me it crashes randomly when working with blueprints, sometimes with empty crash-report window, sometimes without crash-report window at all.

not just me then

what happened with the stability vs features development plan?
there was much talk of it just before 4.8, been pretty much off line all summer

I also noticed more bluescreens with 4.9 than with 4.8.x
Its almost as bad as it was in 4.7.6 (but too early to make a firm statement on that).
Lets see what 4.9.1 will bring :slight_smile:

I didn’t quite tested 4.9 properly yet but about the stability of 4.8… meh, not for me atleast. 4.8.3 it’s been a nightmare with those crashes every now and then just because you try to open a blueprint or change between diff bp windows…
I hope in 4.9 this is completly fixed atleast.

I have had similar stability issues. With previous versions of unreal, I might have had one or two crashes a month. Today 4.9 has frozen my machine four times.

Seems to be happening while working on multiple blueprints.


I personally haven’t had a crash since 4.9 has been out (except when loading my corrupted map after converting to 4.9. I have had my project open for the last 36 hours and have been working flawlessly in many blueprints, I have not had any blue screens as of yet either (nor did I with any previous version of UE4)

Same here im on an iMac with windows 7 and every time my blueprints are not perfect it crashes in 4.8 it would flag errors i could fix with 4.9 i have to kill the process and restart I have developed a habit of saving before a compile so i can see what the error was when i reload

I have experienced weird crushes too on my win7 64 bit tower pc when working with blueprints.

Hey everyone,

As a reminder if you’re experiencing a crash please submit a post in the Bug Reports section of AnswerHub.

Please include any repro steps that would be helpful in reproducing the issue.

If you’re unfamiliar with how to submit a bug please see the How to Report a Bug link in my signature below.

Thank you!


Hey Tim!

I just made a post in the Bug Report section, on the issue I’ve been having running blueprints in 4.9.

Fortunately I have gained much better stability after enabling Virtual Memory within windows. Its almost like there is a memory spike while opening up new BP windows. Although I cannot be 100% sure. After enabling virtual memory, I haven’t experienced a single freeze.


Thanks for the info Stimpanzee. I’m not able to find the post on the AnswerHub at the moment, can you include the link to your post?

Also, for anyone experiencing an issue with the editor freezing, can you please include Logs with your report on the AnswerHub?


Here ya go, Tim.
If I run into the issue again I will grab my log and throw it up there. =)