4.9 AnimMontage Slots are placed in DefaultGroup after upgrade to 4.9

I’m trying to upgrade from 4.8.3 to 4.9 and I having a strange problem regarding my AnimMontage Slots. I have a couple or Animation Slots wich are all place in a seperate AnimMontage Group. I need this because each slot must be able to run at the same time as another.

After upgrade to 4.9 all my slots are new created under DefaultGroup and when I select my old Group\Slot and Save it keeps the DefaultGroup\Slot Selected. I also recreated Groups/Slots but this does not help.

Am I missing something or is this some kind of bug ?!

I am having the same bug after upgrading from 4.8.3 to 4.9, tried to remove the duplicates :confused: not working

I just helped resolve a similar issue another user was having. He ended up having to delete all slots and start from scratch. If you are going to try this, I recommend making a copy of the project as a back-up or at least a copy of one montage if you have multiples that need work.

Thanks for your response, but it is simply not working whatever I do. What I did…

  1. First I set all the Anim Slot and AnimMontages to DefaultGroup.Default Slot
  2. I deleted all my own Slots.
    After this… it keeps creating DefaultGroup.DefaultSlots. I got 3 in total at this time.
  3. I created a TestGroup.TestSlot and set all montages to this Slot.
  4. I deleted all the Slots in the Animation Graph and was now able to delete all the DefaultGroup.Default Slots. Restarted UE4.
  5. I created a new Animation Montage, and a new DefaultGroup.Default Slot was also created as expected.
  6. I created a new FullBodyGroup.FullBodySlot. and Also created a new SlotNode in the Animation Graph and set it to this AnimSlot.
  7. Restarted UE4 and hoped for the best… but unfortunately the FullBody Slot is again placed in the DefaultGroup. ( a new slot DefaultGroup.FullBody Slot is was created)

I cant get to my needed Slot Setup… I also created a new UE4.9 project and migrated the content, but got the same problem.

I have to stick to 4.8 till this is fixed… :frowning:

Hi ipas,

I’m happy to investigate this as a bug that needs to be fixed… For tracking purposes please enter this as a bug on the AnswerHub:


-Include a link back to this post. Also, please recreate this issue in as simple a project as possible -Meaning isolate just the assets affected, if possible- and send me the project in a zip file as a PM to me here on the . If your project is in the beginning stages and not overly complicated, you can send it “as is” if you feel comfortable doing so.


Thanks… today 4.9.1 was released but the problem still exists. I posted a bug report:
I will send you the project.

This bug is really annoying… It broke all my anim montages, and I have more than 20 of them :frowning:

I also have this problem in 4.10.1. Also, after a while I end up with a lot of duplicate slot names in default group.

Another thing is that switching to a slot in different group doesn’t count as a change IF slot names matches while group name is different.

bump this is occuring to me as well >.< Epic please fix this and its madly duplicating slots >.< https://i.gyazo.com/088e0f60d5adb160bf807d7be3d6c82d.mp4

Seems like this wasn’t fixed in 4.11. Any word when we’ll see some movement here? I’ve had to delete all my animslots and reassign, twice. This one bothers me.

This makes me a very sad panda…

This is still occurring for me as of 4.16.2. Nothing complicated to reproduce: just create an anim blueprint, then create a custom slot group for it, then create a custom slot within that group, save, and restart Unreal. The custom slot still exists but it now belongs to DefaultGroup, and the custom group has disappeared entirely.

This is super inconvenient.

EDIT: Hm, scratch that, it’s actually just an unintuitive UI problem. If you don’t click the little save button inside the anim slot editor window, your changes will disappear on restart. I never thought to do that because that editor is docked into the anim blueprint editor. I’m working in an anim blueprint when I add slots/groups, so I click save on the anim blueprint and think I’m good, and really I’m not, and there’s no indication about that. (Turns out the slot/group changes are actually saved on the skeleton, not the anim blueprint.)

Wow thank you! I had no idea why I kept losing my changes even though they worked fine in editor and there was no prompt to check out the skeleton! Once I clicked that pesky button the checkout prompt appeared. What a poor design decision…