4.9 -> 4.10 - The Open Level Blueprint node doesn't work

Pretty much the title.

I made a 4.10 version of my 4.9 Android game and now when I make a shipping build and install it on my phone, I press Play to use “Open Level” and the game restarts back to title screen.
I also have a ton of warnings in the map check window:


As well as 12 Errors:


Which I have no clue how to solve. Especially because some of the files like “P_Ship_Lightning” is not referenced anywhere any more but it still tries to find it.

Ehhhhm, try to rename the Folder of the new updated project to your original folder name. They happen to change to “YourProject 4.10” or something, so rename it back to “YourProject”.

At least that’s what i remember when it comes to 4.9->4.10 and “External Reference” issue.

rename project folder, launch project, close project, rename back.

Thanks, that solved it. It’s annoying that this is still an issue on engine migration =_=