4.9.2 Unresolved compiler error in FirstPersonCharacter when deleting gun and arms

I’m trying to use UE for architectural visualization and to do that I need to remove the gun and arms on the character in the First Person Template File. In previous version I could accomplish this by simply editing the blueprint of the character and deleting the attached meshes. Now when I try that and press ‘Play,’ I get this error:

One or more blueprints has an unresolved compiler error, are you sure you want to Play in Editor? FirstPersonCharacter

Any Ideas on how to delete the arms and gun so that I can walk around a space that I’m importing?

Thanks in advanced.


Have you tried just setting the Mesh2P and FP_Gun back to default by clicking the yellow arrow next to the Skeletal Mesh dropdown when you have either selected in the FirstPersonCharacter Blueprint? This will remove the arms and the gun, and didn’t give me any compiler errors.

Here is an image of what option I am referring to:

Awesome! That’s a simple enough fix. Thanks for the help