[4.9.2] Transfer Hosting the Server to a Client (c++)

I asked in the Blueprint Scripting forum, but it may not be possible that route, so:

Just for clarity:
Im using [4.9.2] and I have the Advanced Sessions Plugin installed in my project.

My project allows players to freely create, enter, and leave servers based on preset “sector” coords. (click a sector on the map and it happens automatically)
For example, if a player wants to go to sector 0,3 it will check if a session is already running for that sector map and if so join it. If not it will instead create that session.

There is a problem with this in that, if the host of that session decides to go to a different “sector”, I have to destroy the session or it will fail.
If I destroy the session it will boot every other player from the sector, because the session was destroyed.

So how can I transfer ownership of the session to a different player such that the host can leave without disrupting the other players?

I think the best place where to ask for it would be directly Advanced Sessions Plugin - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums or into the plugin’s creator’s inbox :slight_smile:
He also stated that he’s willing to add feature upon users’ request so why not trying :slight_smile: