[4.9.2] "Slate: Had to block on waiting for a draw buffer" ?

What does “Slate: Had to block on waiting for a draw buffer” mean?

I can’t seem to find any info on it, and the editor is spamming the logs with it.

just did a quick 5 sec google and came away with “Hey Daniel, I was able to reproduce it using what you suggested on that but it appears may have been fixed since the last betas release as I was unable to reproduce it in the latest build.” Right from answer hub, straight from Ryan brucks, first google result. 4.9.2 came out a year and a half ago, perhaps its time to update?

  1. Ive seen that AnswerHub question, and it doesn’t answer what the error message itself means.
    I know what caused it in my case and have already resolved that issue, but that doesn’t mean I know what the message is suppose to indicate,
    nor ALL of the instances in which it might appear. Hence why I asked what it meant and not how to solve a specific problem.

  2. I cannot update beyond 4.9.2 as I use VS community, not VS 2015. And upon looking it up, I found that 4.10 and anything beyond requires VS 2015.
    Unless Im mistaken and misread something. Even if I am wrong, Ive already put work into this version of my project and the bugs Ive run into are
    relatively infrequent enough that I can still work in 4.9.2. Im just trying to get information.

i understand wanting to get information, i just think that’s it’s strange to run around fixing bugs in an old version, when you could upgrade to VS2015 and grab .14 or .15 and get loads of bug fixes and sweet new features. just my 2c

First of all, you are free to use VS 2015, so that shouldn’t block you from updating.
None of us needs to pay for VS 2015.

The other thing is: You are right about not updating if it’s not needed. Updating an already working game to newer versions is only “required” if you need a new feature of it.
Sadly this whole idea only really works if you have the Source of your Engine and you know C++. Because then you can check the upcoming versions for Bug Fixes and implement them yourself.
With this you only do a minor change that doesn’t affect your whole project.

Without the ability to modify the source by using C++, you are kinda stuck to either live with the bugs or to update eventually and then resolve all weird issues that this brings with it.

But to be fair, I would at least TRY to upgrade to a new version. It happens by creating a copy anyway, so you won’t loose anything if it doesn’t work/brings a lot of bugs with it.

Years later:

[4.27.2] LogSlate: Warning: Slate: Had to block on waiting for a draw buffer

I get this while trying to adapt “Easy Multi Save” from the basic example to my character out of the Save Game Actor BP - whitch works fine in the EMS example projects.

So obviously no engine problem but I can’t see the configuration thing I missed…