[4.9.2][Linux] Copy paste broken

Paste doesn’t seem to work anymore across any Blueprint and UMG editors. Cut seems to remove elements but paste doesn’t put them back.

Hey cr125rider-

This issue has been reproted (UE-22443) for investigation, however we have a number of Linux issues for which we lack the resources to fully investigate at this time, but they are in our system and the developers will get to them as they are able.


We are working on implementing a public tracking system however this is currently still in development. For now the bug number mentioned is for internal use only.

Thanks , I appreciate the report. Do you guys have a public bug tracker? I didn’t see it enabled on your GitHub repo. I tried to search for this issue but was unable to find your tracker outside of this forum.

For anyone else still experiencing this issue, a workaround is to copy/paste anything in another window, like a text editor, and then it should start working again.

My suspicion is that the editor sees something in the clipboard that it can’t handle and hangs on processing anything else.

Thanks go to whammy for sharing this tip with me on the #UE4Linux IRC channel.

this fixed the problem. to make it more clear:

  • keep the UE4 editor open
  • open a text editor
  • type in a a few letters
  • copy the typed letters (ctrl +c)
  • open a new text editor window / tab
  • paste the typed letters (ctrl +v) in
    this new windows
  • pasting in the ue4 editor will work

WOW! Works like a charm ! But how did you manage to realize this ! ?

it is issue in 4.15.1 version also.