4.9.2 issue?

I decided to migrate my level into 4.9.2 and I’m having a few issues. The most nagging issue is that I lost the ability to hit play to simulate a player perspective on the level. After waiting several minutes after I hit play I receive the following message: “The Skeleton FirstPerson_Skeleton, is missing bones that SkeletalMesh FirstPerson_SkelMesh needs. They will be added now. Please save the Skeleton!” Seems straightforward, except I’m not using the FirstPerson_SkelMesh or any first person perspective at all.

After clicking to continue I get a mixture of a bunch of different images while the engine counts down approximately 6500 shadings. When the shadings are complete I can hit ESC and end up back in my level.

I’m at a a loss. Any help or pointer to a white paper that offers a solution would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance



I do have a statement that a NAVMESH needs to be rebuilt and I have my art designer upgrading his most recent addition in hopes of rectifying the matter.

Well in general discussion you posted a problem, no one is going to see it I think. Maybe move it to another category like “Blueprints”, or “Feedback”.

Thanks, I’ll try that. Honestly, I wasn’t sure which direction to approach the problem from or where this issue could be coming from, this is why I posted it here.