[4.9.2] How do you prevent PIE from forcing the second player to auto join the first player's game?

Im trying to test a how players join and leave one session and join another, but when I test in PIE the second player always auto joins the first player’s game. (a session hasn’t even been created yet as far as I know!)
Or at least thats how it appears.

I start PIE, and both windows start with two players.

Ive tried:
Setting Use Single Process to true: 2nd Player Auto-Joins Player 1
Setting Editor Multiplayer Mode to Play Offline: second player’s instance never starts (number of players is grayed out)
Setting Editor Multiplayer Mode to Play as Client: both instances start with 2 players
Setting Editor Multiplayer Mode to Play as Listen Server: both instances start with 2 players

I don’t see any other settings that might be responsible for this in Advanced Settings.

How do I have PIE start with each instance NOT joining up, so I can manually have one player join the other myself?
(I need to test and track my setup)

2nd player is also missing the main menu for some reason

Also, sorry if this isn’t the right sub forum. I didn’t see one specifically about the Editor and it’s settings.

Short answer: You can’t. Client #1 is automatically running as a listenserver and all other clients are forced to join this session. (Well, “join the session” is probably wrong, because it’s multiple players in a single game instance)
The more than 1 player option is designed to test out networking, it’s not running “multiple games” as “starting the game twice”.

-> https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/UI/LevelEditor/InEditorTesting/NetworkedPlayInEditor/

Also, creating a session /using an online subsystem with advanced session plugin does not work in PIE.
As far as i know, you have to test out the plugin functions in a packaged exe or atleast running as standalone (/standalone exe)
(Edit: You didn’t say anything about advanced session - sorry, mixed up something)

You did something wrong then.

I guess I should have mentioned, but I had already tried the Standalone Option. (I guess I got used to just considering Standalone as a part of PIE, but double checking it isn’t actually label PIE in the editor :stuck_out_tongue: )
Thanks for the confirmation in regards to PIE functionality, but you suggested Standalone should work?
And what is /standalone exe? I just picked the Standalone option from the Play menu. Is that a different command?
It takes some time to package the project, which obviously is not ideal just to test minor changes and tests so Id really rather not have to use that…

Yup, for this turns out I had forgot to set the Gamemode override in the Gameplay level so it was using the Menu Gamemode. lol

With “standalone exe” i’ve meant to start the generated standalone .exe out of the explorer, not standalone in PIE.
You can find the .exe somewhere in …\projectfolder\binaries (not sure, i’m not on my workstation right now. But it is somewhere! :stuck_out_tongue: )
Thatway you can start it more than once with online subsystem enabled.

I did not realize that was there.
That helps alot thanks. :smiley:

Ah well, it’s changed in newer versions though