4.9.1 Memory Leak

We’re aware of a memory leak when you have enough tabs open that the tab title text is completely culled from view. Does this sound like what you may be seeing?

UE-21203 is the bug tracking that leak.

I’m experiencing this memory leak on the current version of Unreal 4.9. I can barely use the editor for 10 min or less before my memory gets so full that I am forced to close Unreal. I can see the memory going up quickly while I have certain blueprints open. As soon as I close them, the memory stops going up but remains where it’s at. Open them again and the memory keeps rising until I get the message from windows that I’m all out of memory.

What’s weird is that I have been using this version of Unreal for quite a while before this became an issue. This memory leak only happens when I have certain blueprints open. I’ve worked on these specific blueprints a lot without experiencing this problem before. It’s also only happening in a single project so far. I’ve tried using another project and haven’t experienced this memory leak yet.


YES… Resolved! Thank you.

You are doing this for veeery loooong tiiime…
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Is this leak resolved? I am experiencing the same problem in 4.10.4.

from: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-21203)
Unknown Issue
We’re unable to find any record of this issue. It’s possible this issue just hasn’t been made public yet.

The issue is reported as resolved in 4.11. The ticket unfortunately contains some sensitive information, so we have decided to not make it public for the time being.