4.8p4 - adding variables to a struct causes many warnings

Hi - When I add a few new variables to an existing struct, save it, and close and re-open the editor, I get a ton of warnings about inappropriate outermosts and deprecated outers. I also get these in 4.7.6.

Here’s the struct, with two variables I added at the end:

Here’s what the log looks like when I re-open the project after adding those two variables:

In 4.7.6, I can make this go away by deleting and re-making all variables that use that struct type, but this is getting a bit burdensome.

Hi 0cme,

I attempted to repro this in 4.8 P4 but I couldn’t get your results. Have you tried reproducing this outside of your project? If you can get a repro in a new project, please post your exact steps here.

OK - thanks for looking at this. I can repro it consistently in a new project in 4.8p4.

  1. Make a new top-down project without starter content.
  2. Create a new struct, give it 20 boolean variables. Save it.
  3. Add 4 variables of that struct type to the top down character blueprint. Add a 5th variable, which is an array of that struct type.
  4. Make a function in the top down character blueprint that has input and output parameters of that struct type. In that function break the incoming struct, and make an outgoing struct. Logically, the function should swap the top two booleans.
  5. In the top down character event graph, add an event that uses that function on the first variable of the struct type.
  6. Compile, save, close the editor, and re-open the project.
  7. Add 5 more boolean variables to the struct.
  8. Save, close, and re-open the project.
  9. At this point I see a bunch of spam about inappropriate outermosts in the output log.

I’ll attach some screenshots of the setup I end up with following those steps. It also crashes the editor when I look at the function described above and then the event graph in the top down character.

Thank you for the through repro steps. I was able to reproduce the issue in-house, so I have created JIRA UE-16488. Our developers will be investigating the issue further and we will post back here with updates as we have them.



Awesome… thanks very much!