[4.8p3] blank BP project crash at creation and when closing


Just trying 4.8.3, not much luck.

When creating a blank blueprint project (no starter content) i get this crash reporter window

I get the same windows everytime i close the project.

I still can work on the new project, but when i package it (win64) i get no binaries directory in the packaged game directory


I don’t know if it’s related though, maybe those are two different problems ? The crash seems to be related to some building mechanism (buildmachine ?), so maybe the “no binaries issue” is a consequence of a building problem ? The packaging process completes with no error.

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Since preview 4 came out earlier today can you let me know if you have the same problems creating/packaging a project there?

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The crash is gone (woohoo !) but i still can’t package the game properly:

The packaging process goes very well, no error, but i still get no binaries in my packaged directory, and when i try to launch the main exe, i get a black screen game in preview 4 (in preview 3 the game closed instantly, in p4 it remains open).

Repro is simple (on my computer at least): brand new blank blueprint project, no starter content, then select windows only as supported platform, then package for win64.

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I want to make sure that I understand correctly. Your project packages without any errors however, when you go into the folder there isn’t a ‘Binaries’ folder inside of the ‘Engine’ folder?

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I have not heard from you in quite a while and for this reason, I must resolve this thread at this time. However, if you have any further questions regarding this topic, please reply back to this thread and we will assist you further.

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