[4.8] Why does DefaultInput.ini have +/- in front of its entries?

Why does DefaultInput.ini have +/- in front of its entries?

And why are there multiples of the exact same entry, where the only difference is a + or -?



I am setting up code to manually write in these values. I am assuming that I need to use GConfig->SetArray and pass in an array of strings, wherein the strings match the format. But I don’t know why there are multiple entries of the same Value, or what the +/- do.

The Special Characters section in the Docs [link text]here1 seems to say the +/- adds or removes a line if that property doesn’t exist or is an exact match(respectively). But Im not following what that actually means.

If I am already writing a line into the .ini what exactly is the + adding?

Yes, its an old topic, but this is the answer (I had the same question today):

Special Characters
	+ - Adds a line if that property does not exist yet (from a previous configuration file or earlier in the same configuration file).
	- - Removes a line (but it has to be an exact match).
	. - Adds a new property.
	! - Removes a property; but you do not have to have an exact match, just the name of the property.