[4.8] Variables (type: Blueprints) not listed in class defaults of child blueprint

As a workaround to [this bug][1] I tried to replace structs with data-only Blueprints, but it seems there’s another bug:

Blueprint-variables are not listed in class defaults of a child blueprint and therefore cannot be set:

Hi ,

Did you already try enabling Show Inherited Variables in Child BP’s My Blueprint tab?


Hi ,

I will double-check this, but I don’t know why ‘designName’ (String) should be visible and ‘meshReplacements’ should be hidden in class defaults (they have both same default settings with ‘editable’ enabled).

So, that means that in class defaults you can only inherit and edit primitives?

I apologize, I misunderstood your post at first. No, Show Inherited Variables shouldn’t have anything to do with an inherited variable showing up in Class Defaults or Details panel while in level, they should show up regardless. However, I cannot reproduce this in 4.8. Does this only happen in your current project, or can you see same thing in a new project?

Edit: is it only specific types of variables?

Never mind, maybe I should use classes instead of instances which don’t derive from actor and are therefore not shown…