4.8 - Strange BP previews in content browser

Left is the preview in the content browser. Right is the actual blueprint.

You can see its just a jumbled mess of all my assets, even ones that aren’t actually in the BP. It’s pretty much the same for all my blueprints. Note that is looked fine in 4.7.
So is anyone else getting anything like this?

I have the exact same problem. It’s very frustrating and horribly messy to try and work with. It only started occuring after updating my project to 4.8.
I’m not sure how to replicate the problem, but not all of my thumbnails do this, and it’s not always the same objects in the background.

Shameless bump. Has there been any progress on this? Any solutions/fixes?

Viewoptions in the browser corner bottom-right -> Disable Realtime and enable Thumbnail edit mode, select the blueprint and drag to edit the camera view. (4.9 at least)