4.8 Set World Location at Spine Point does not work in Construction

4.8 Set World Location at Spine Point does not work in Construction, When adjusting the points in begin play it works but changing the points in construction the splines do not move.

Hi Shoiko,

I just tested this in 4.8 but I couldn’t get your results. Could you try the setup below and see if it works for you or not?

If you are still getting this issue in your project, could you make a small test project with the issue and post it here? It could be a combination of different nodes.



Controlled enviorment:

Somewhere when creating the initial logic in the L and R splines did move but once I was complete moving the central Spline does not affect the alignments of the child splines L and R. When Simulating the project calling the same function called in the construction does give the desired results.

I believe what you are seeing is being caused by an issue that our developers are currently investigating.

  • JIRA UE-14148: Spline points altered in the construction script cannot be referenced in the event graph and are not reflected in the editor

The current workaround would be to set the splines up in the Event Graph and have them update on tick or a timer.

I updated the JIRA with your report as well.



Sir can you send a not to the developers that in the case of updating the spline. A spline created fully dynamically has this issue as well as one that is added to the component manually in the editor. But the one created dynamically if fully destroyed and recreated with new plot points update as desired. Have a wonderful day!

I have exactly the same problem.
How can you use this workaround trick with the event graph in the construction script? @ TJ

Is there already some news on how to change splines in construction script?

I had the same problem and I just checked this in 4.9
It works now! Great work guys :wink: