4.8 particle system regression

This change annouce regression in the particle system:


read my comment at github.



Hi Pierdek -

In your reproduction steps you are not saying whether you are setting the emitter duration in the Required Module. If you set the Spawn Point 2 In Value to 2 and the default Emitter Duration in Cascade is always 1, then yes, I would expect by design that the emitter would never completely stop spawning, over that one second it would spawn less and less but never reach zero before the emitter began to loop.

Can you confirm that case for me or expand your Reproduction Steps?

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

I set effect duration to 10 seconds. Then I set spawn rate to curve. Then added 2 points time: 0 value 5 and second time: 2 value: 0. On older versions it would gradually stop spawning at time 3.0 Now it keep spawning with spawn rate that was at time 1.0. This change ruined a lot of effects…

Hi Pierdek -

Looks like Olaf already commented on your Pull Request, but we have reopened this particular issue.

Thank you for your help finding this issue -

Eric Ketchum