[4.8 P2] Can't edit or write to DefaultEngine


Me and my team can’t change DefaultEngine through editor. First we can’t edit it through editor with Perforce off, we wanted to change gamemode but nothing happens when we select a gamemode and it is stuck to “none”.

If we enable perforce it’s still same problem and we can’t check out/in file because of some error w/o errorcode so it can’t be traced. If I submit it through P4V it works great with no errors or nothing about it being checked out, but errors persists in editor sadly.

If you need more info I’ll do what I can to get it to you :slight_smile:


Hi Sparven,

Not being able to set default GameMode in editor (Project Settings > Maps & Modes) is a known issue with 4.8 (UE-15153). It has been fixed internally, and should be pushed out in a future Preview, or at least by 4.8’s official release. Thanks for report, though!