[4.8 p1] where is the web browser widget in UMG?

Hi guys,

The 4.8 preview 1 release note said that:

Web Browser UI Widgets for Unreal Motion Graphics (desktop platforms only)

But i can not find this widget in umg editor’s palette panel, do you know how to get it available ?


I’m wondering this too, i saw it committed to main about a month ago, and can’t seem to find it (and nothing seems to be in config).

In your project, go to Window->Plugins->Widgets. There you should enable the Web Browser plugin. Unreal will ask you to restart the project. After you find the WebBrowser widget in your palette panel.

Got it,


will it be available for ios and android ?

I can see web browser content in inside game…It is working only in unreal editor. But when I tried to package a game it fails.

Any solution for it plz?