[4.8 P1] Template animation bad loop

The TPS Template BP have a bad loop in the animation in the transition and give a “tick”.
*The walk/run loop animation.

Ah I just posted the same thing. The problem is the animation has loop enabled inside of the “FPP_JumpEnd” state

But this is with the run/walk animations

my, bad. I had assumed you were talking the jump since I had just posted the same. Apparently, several anim issues at all levels =)

i changed that no problem xD.
Is this post other post First bug in 4.8 preview 1 ...and 2 - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums
*Yeah this is the magic world of the bug. yeah!

Hi Hevedy,

We are now aware of the issue. The fix is to go into the State Machine in the AnimBP of the character. In there, you can open the transition from landing to idle. You’ll see the node for time since the landing started, but it needs to be switched with the “landing ended” node for the jump to finish properly.

We’ll have that fixed in a jiffy.

I see the problem in the animation without the animstate of the run loop

I see what you mean, the “jerk” in the animation is very noticeable from the side. I looked into it and we’ve got a report for it now since some of the QA team found it as well.

Thanks for the report!