[4.8 P1] On Play Character is off map and Frozen


Using ver. 4.8.
I seem to be having some issues with my character starting correctly when I go to play a small demo map that I created following a tutorial from Unreal Engine channel. When either selecting Current Camera Location OR Default Player Start under Play and then choosing play I find myself jettisoned off and below map, near grid floor. I am unable to move, look around or anything. When pressing escape key I hear what sounds like gun fire sound. I am then released from frozen state but in same position. Now I have tried placing player start all over map and every time I am returned to same location during a game start. When I remove player start and choose Current Camera Location I find myself again under map I have built but in a slightly different area but still unable to move or do anything until pressing escape key and hearing fire noise.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi edwardteach,

Which tutorial did you follow? Would you feel comfortable uploading project somewhere and giving us a download link so we can take a look? Thanks!

Hi ,

I followed this tutorial.

You can grab my project from following link.

Thank you!

Hi edwardteach,

It looks like you don’t have a GameMode set up, so there’s no default Pawn being set. Usually this tutorial is done with a new blank project, which has a GameMode already selected, but since you instead created a new map in a First Person template, it doesn’t know what character to use.

You have two options, and two ways of doing it. If you’d like to use same GameMode and character as you would in First Person default map, go to Edit > Project Settings > Maps & Modes. Under Default GameMode, select “FirstPersonGameMode”. Then drop a Player Start in level where you’d like to spawn (these are found in Modes window in Basic category, or you can right click in level and choose Place Actor > Player Start.

If you’d prefer to set a different GameMode for this level, you can set a default override for this map. From Settings button in main toolbar, select World Settings. In here, set GameMode Override to GameMode (or any other you’d like to use). Place a Player Start somewhere in level. This GameMode uses DefaultPawn, which can fly around but still has collision.

If you’re still having trouble with spawning in a weird location, save changes you made and reopen project, and it should no longer be a problem.

Hope that helps!

Thank you for very fast response. However, I am still having issues. When trying option 1 and I choose “FirstPersonGameMode” from drop down box it doesn’t accept choice. As in drop down returns to None. If i try over ride in World Settings option it ends up with same strange starting locations as before. I have tried saving changes and restarting all to no avail.

Thank you.

Ah, yep, doing it in Project Settings is currently not working, and we already have a bug report for that (UE-15153). In World Settings, after setting it to FirstPersonGameMode, try changing Default Pawn Class to FirstPersonCharacter. I’m not sure why it’s defaulting to Pawn, it didn’t used to.

Hi ,

Great - thanks that worked.

I appreciate help. Any suggestions on how to avoid this in future work?

Just make sure you have a GameMode running with correct Default Pawn Class, and you should be good to go. I think there’s a default running, even when everything is set to None, that’s dependent on template type you choose when creating project, but it may not apply to new levels created in project until aforementioned bug is fixed.