[4.8 P1] BP Functions cannot drag & drop in the list

Will be nice if add an option to drag & drop the functions for reorder in the list of the functions in the blueprints like the vars and drop into categories.

Hey Hevedy,

Thank you for the awesome suggestion for being able to rearrange the function list within the Blueprint Editor. I have verified that this request has already been entered. Hopefully the developers will review this and also feel it’s a nice feature to have within the editor. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reply back, or create a new thread on AnswerHub.


It’d be good if they were alphabetically sorted by default too.

Thanks for your suggestion. I have verified that this is in already. It’s currently on our ‘to do’ list and is unresolved. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reply back.

Have a great day!

I hope this sees the light of day some time soon. Very frustrating to not be able to sort functions into some sort of order.

Hi there, is there an update on this? This seems to be a major workflow hindrance. We should either be able to explicitly reorder functions, or they should be sorted alphabetically. Having neither of these features means that we have to do a visual search through the entire list to find a function.

Still hasn’t been fixed…