[4.8] New Increment Macro buggy

Getting the result of the Increment Macro seems to be incrementing the variable twice. Very confusing. Is this normal? Please confirm. (the above blueprint show Not Equal).

Hi sgehrman,

Thank you for the report. I was able to reproduce the issue and have created JIRA UE-17517. Our developers will be investigating it further and we will post here with updates as we have them.

As a workaround, changing the macro to the screenshot below will make it work as expected.




This has been fixed in our latest internal build. If all goes as planned, you should see it working properly in the 4.9 release.



Sorry to post here but i have a different problem on this macro.

I cant increase a X vector with this macro always stay the same and shows a error there:

Hi DoubleKill98,

What you are seeing is intended behavior. The increment macro needs a direct reference to the variable.

I would suggest setting this up yourself and then creating your own macro or function for reuse.

Sorry but i explain wrong way the problem.

I have here on this Blueprint 2 ways to increment a float number.

The IncrementFloat function and the Float + Float

Only the Float + Float is working not the IncrementFloat you can see on the screenshot and is incrementing by the same value!

This problem i have find on the 4.11.2 engine but now i have 4.15.1

Sorry if I am misunderstanding something, but what you have pictured is by design. The increment macro needs a direct reference to the variable, not the broken vectors > float value.

Using it in that method doesn’t allow the increment node to ‘set’ the incremented value back to the variable correctly.

I have made the way you have say and works.

I was not realy understanding what you say but now i have undersand.

Thank you